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Italian Barista Championship results 2022-2000

Results of Italian Barista Championships (2000 - 2022)
Updated 17 June, 2022

From 2000 to 2022, there have been 22 competitions of the Italian Barista Championship (Campionato Italiano Baristi Caffetteria (CIBC)), the current title holder is Matteo Pavoni. The most wins in the Italian Barista Championship is shared by two baristas, Giacomo Vannelli and Francesco Sanapo, who have both won the Italian Barista Championship three times each.

Italian Baristas with mulitple wins

Name of BaristaWinsYears Won
Giacomo Vannelli32019, 2015, 2014
Francesco Sanapo32013, 2011, 2010
Maurizio Cavozzi22005, 2004

Of the 22 Italian Barista Championships, there have been 17 different winners over the years.

Italian Barista Championship Winners (2000 - 2022)

YearBarista's Name and Birthplace
2022Matteo PavoniLissone, Lombardy
2020Daniele RicciBrescia, Lombardy
2019Giacomo VannelliCortona, Tuscany
2018Davide CavaglieriBrescia, Lombardy
2017Francesco MasciulloMaglie, Apulia
2016Angelo SegoniPescara, Abruzzo
2015Giacomo VannelliCortona, Tuscany
2014Giacomo VannelliCortona, Tuscany
2013Francesco SanapoSpecchia, Apulia
2012Elisa MolleRoccasecca, Lazio
2011Francesco SanapoSpecchia, Apulia
2010Francesco SanapoSpecchia, Apulia
2009Michele Pauletic
2008Giorgio MilosFriuli-Venezia Giulia
2007Mariano SeminoTortona, Piedmonte
2006Andrea AntonelliVescovato, Lombardy
2005Maurizio CavozziPiacenza, Emilia Romagna
2004Maurizio CavozziPiacenza, Emilia Romagna
2003Andrea Lattuada
2002Luigi Lupi
2001Andrea Gherardi
2000Thomas Polti