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World Coffee Roasting Championship, Italy results 2022-2013

Italy at World Coffee Roasting Championship
Updated 28 June, 2022

How has Italy performed in the World Coffee Roasting Championships? The most successful Italian at the competition is Rubens Gardelli who won the World Coffee Roasting Championships in 2017, on his fourth attempt, which rocketed him to success on the international specialty coffee scene. Davide Cobelli, the winner of the most recent Italian Coffee Roasting Championship, finished in 7th position at the World Coffee Roasting Championship in Milan, Italy in 2022.

Italian Results at World Coffee Roasting Championship

YearName of RoasterRankLocation
2022Davide Cobelli7thMilan
2019Michele Aneddoti10thTaipei
2018Emanuele Tomassi10thRimini
2017Rubens Gardelli1stSeoul
2016Rubens Gardelli5thShanghai
2015Rubens Gardelli6thGothenburg
2014Rubens Gardelli7thRimini