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Code Cafè

Cafe in Barletta-Andria-Trani

Code Cafè is a specialty coffee cafe in the picturesque port side city of Trani. This busy spot is a favourite amongst locals who get to enjoy a quality coffee from the Pugliese roaster Pierre Cafè. For their specialty coffees they use Son of Coffee and offer a vast selection of brew methods.

Talk to owner Vincenzo Fortugno and you'll quickly realise he's a true specialty coffee lover and takes into account the smallest details when preparing your coffee. Working along with his wife Diana, they also offer a selection of cold coffees which are perfect for the hot summer months. Try their Trani-style caffè freddo (coffee granite with espresso), caffè leccese, cold brew or shakerato. Grab your coffee and sit outside at a table under the trees located in the square in front of the cafe.

Code Cafè is situated on Piazza della Repubblica, just a 5-minute walk from the old port waterfront.

Code Cafè specialty coffee cafe in Trani, Italy
Updated 26 September, 2021

In-store brew methods

  • Espresso?The iconic Italian espresso method uses a machine to force near-boiling water at high pressure through finely ground coffee and a portafilter.
    Espresso brewed coffee produces concentrated, rich flavours with crema on top.
  • Pour-over?The pour-over method uses a cone-shaped dripper with a paper filter. Near-boiling water is poured over medium-coarse ground coffee and passes through the paper filter. Different thicknesses of filter paper removes the coffee oils.
    Pour-over brewed coffee produces a cleaner taste with less bitterness.
  • AeroPress?The AeroPress device functions like a syringe. Medium-coarse ground coffee is steeped in near-boiling water for a short period before the water is manually plunged through the coffee grounds and a thin paper filter.
    AeroPress brewed coffee produces a smooth and clean flavour.
  • Moka pot?Moka pot method uses stove-top heat to boil water in the lower chamber that is forced through relatively fine-ground coffee into the upper chamber ready for serving.
    Moka pot brewed coffee produces a stronger flavour often with more bitterness.
  • Cold brew?The cold brew method involves steeping coarse-ground coffee in cool water for 12-hours or more. The brewed coffee is filtered and water is added before serving.
    Cold brewed coffee produces a flavour with less bitterness and acidity.
  • French press?The French press method uses a plunger with a fine mesh metal filter. Medium-coarse ground coffee is steeped in near-boiling water for several minutes. The plunger is pressed down to filter out fine particles when poured.
    French press brewed coffee produces a strong and bold flavour.
  • Turkish coffee?Turkish coffee uses extremely fine-ground coffee heated with water in a vessel called a ibrik or cezve. The coffee is boiled several times before being served without filtering.
    Turkish coffee produces a very thick, bold flavour with coffee sediment in the cup.
  • Syphon pot?The syphon pot method uses a two-chambered glass device, vapor pressure to brew as well as a metal filter. Medium-coarse coffee is used.
    Syphon pot brewed coffee produces full-bodied and heavier flavours.


  • Buy specialty coffee in-store
  • Outdoor seating
  • Indoor seating


Piazza della Repubblica, 25,
76125 Trani (BT),
Apulia, Italy

Code Cafè in Trani (Barletta-Andria-Trani)

Code Cafè located in Barletta-Andria-Trani, Italy

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