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Specialty coffee in Apulia: best coffee, cafes and roasters

Discover the best specialty coffee cafes and roasters in the region of Apulia below or explore the cities of Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani and Lecce.

Updated 25 September, 2021

Son of Coffee

Roaster in Bari Son of Coffee specialty coffee roaster in Gravina in Puglia, Italy

Son of Coffee is the specialty coffee micro roastery line from Pierre Cafè located in the town of Gravina in Puglia, inland from Bari. A veteran of the Italian specialty scene, head roaster Luigi Paternoster has appeared on the podium of the Italian Coffee Roasting Championship in three consecutive…

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Edo Quarta Coffee Roasters

Roaster in Lecce Edo Quarta Coffee Roasters specialty coffee roaster in Lecce, Italy

Edo Quarta Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roastery based near Lecce in the southern Italian region of Apulia. Edoardo Quarta setup his own micro roastery and coffee laboratory within the family Quarta Caffè, a big player in commercial coffee in Apulia. As a fourth generation roaster, Edo…

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Vecchio Caffè

Cafe in Bari Vecchio Caffè specialty coffee cafe in Giovinazzo, Italy

Vecchio Caffè is a specialty coffee cafe in the old coastal town of Giovinazzo, just north of Bari. They stock a wide selection of high quality Italian specialty coffees and always have an international coffee available as well. Mimmo Fiorentino began the activity in 1999 as a cafe and an artisanal…

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Code Cafè

Cafe in Barletta-Andria-Trani Code Cafè specialty coffee cafe in Trani, Italy

Code Cafè is a specialty coffee cafe in the picturesque port side city of Trani. This busy spot is a favourite amongst locals who get to enjoy a quality coffee from the Pugliese roaster Pierre Cafè. For their specialty coffees they use Son of Coffee and offer a vast selection of brew methods. Talk…

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Pierre Cafè

Cafe in Bari Pierre Cafè specialty coffee roaster and cafe in Gravina in Puglia, Italy

Pierre Cafè is a cafe located in the town of Gravina in Puglia, inland from Bari. Together with their family, the second generation roasters Luigi and Vincenzo Paternoster run and operate the cafe offering both their specialty roasted coffees named Son Of Coffee and high quality, traditional…

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Caffè Cognetti

Roaster & Cafe in Bari Caffè Cognetti specialty coffee cafe and roaster in Bari, Italy

Caffè Cognetti is a family run cafe and roastery near the centre of Bari. For many years a traditional Italian cafe, head roaster Davide Roveto discovered specialty coffee roasting after attending several courses and trips around the world. He began roasting specialty coffee on a small machine…

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