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Campania specialty coffee cafes and roasters

Discover Italian specialty coffee cafes and roasters in the region of Campania below or explore in the city of Naples.


Cafe in Naples Ventimetriquadri specialty coffee cafe in Naples, Italy

Ventimetriquadri is a specialty coffee cafe in Naples. As the name suggests, this intimate cafe measures just 20m², or "Venti metri quadri" in Italian. Naples is a city with a long and proud tradition of classic Italian coffee. Locals will passionately claim that Naples has the best coffee not only…

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Campana Caffè

Roaster & Cafe in Naples Campana Caffè specialty coffee cafe and roaster in Pompei, Italy

Campana Caffè is a specialty cafe and roastery in Pompei. The Campana family has a long history in roasting coffee, dating back to the 1940's. Now into the third generation, Raffaele and Paola Campana created the Campana Caffè brand in 2013 and later also began roasting a line of specialty coffee.…

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