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Specialty coffee in Forlì-Cesena: best coffee, cafes and roasters

Discover the best specialty coffee cafes and roasters in the city of Forlì-Cesena.

Updated 22 April, 2021

Gardelli Specialty Coffees

Roaster in Forlì-Cesena Gardelli Specialty Coffees roaster in Forlì, Italy

Gardelli Specialty Coffees needs no introduction for those familiar with specialty coffee. You can find Rubens Gardelli's roasted beans on sale in all four corners of the world in his distinctive pink coffee packages. They offer a large selection of freshly roasted coffees including high quality…

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Caffeteca Gardelli Specialty Coffees

Cafe in Forlì-Cesena Gardelli Specialty Coffee Caffeteca specialty coffee cafe in Forlì, Italy

Caffeteca Gardelli Specialty Coffee is the flagship cafe of Rubens Gardelli, located in his birth city of Forlì. Almost two decades after beginning his coffee journey working in his mother's traditional family cafe, Rubens chose this new location to create the Caffeteca, his dream specialty cafe in…

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