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Tomassi Coffee

Roaster in Latina

Tomassi Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery located in Aprilia, a city south of Rome. Transferring to Denmark in 2009, Emanuele Tomassi had a chance meeting with Klaus Thomasen, a World Barista Champion and co-founder of Coffee Collective. From there, Emanuele's passion for specialty coffee began.

Emanuele brought his new knowledge back to his home town of Aprilia and setup what he calls his "games room" in the back of his cafe Caos Caffè. His exploration and experimentation culminated in him being crowned the Italian Coffee Roasting Champion in 2018.

Tomassi Coffee specialty coffee roaster in Aprilia, Italy
Updated 18 May, 2021

Roaster information

Coffee type: sells specialty and non-specialty coffee
Business type: independent, owner-operated
Established: 2013
Selling specialty since: 2013

Roasting and origin information

Packaged coffee available: whole beans
Roasting profile: omni-roast?A roasting profile for specific brew methods is when the roast is made specifically for espresso or for filter coffee. In general, a roasting profile for espresso is slightly darker than a roasting profile for filtered coffee.
A roasting profile for omni-roast is when a single roast is made for more than one brew method, such as for both espresso and filter coffee.
Tomassi Coffee primarily roasts an omni-roast profile.
Tasting notes: brief tasting notes?Tasting notes are a flavour guide provided by the roaster that describe the taste of the roasted coffee when brewed.
Some roasters provide descriptive tasting notes, many provide brief tasting notes such as a list of similar flavours whereas others do not provide any tasting notes.
Tomassi Coffee tends to provide brief tasting notes.
Coffee estate: descriptive information?Coffee estate information is a description of the location where the green coffee beans were cultivated and the families involved.
Some roasters include detailed information of the estate, many include brief information whereas other roasters include minimal or no information.
Tomassi Coffee tends to include descriptive information about the coffee estate.
Cupping score: not usually provided?A cupping score is a quality rating determined by assessing the characteristics of the coffee. Sensory attributes such as the coffee's aroma, flavour, sweetness, acidity, body, and more, are used to determine the score. A cupping score from 80 to 100 is considered specialty coffee.
A few roasters include the cupping score for all of their coffees, others include it for some of their coffees whereas many roasters do not include a cupping score.
Tomassi Coffee tends not to include cupping scores.


04011 Aprilia (LT),
Lazio, Italy
Tomassi Coffee is not open to public visits.

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