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Cafezal Coffee Hub

Cafe in Milan

Cafezal Coffee Hub is a specialty coffee cafe and roastery located just to the east of the city center. Opening in the middle of 2022, it is the second cafe-roastery from Carlos Bitencourt, the other being Cafezal located north of center, nearer the main train station.

With large, open spaces and stylish urban interior design, Cafezal Coffee Hub is full of modern character and natural light that filters through the tall windows. As you walk in you'll notice its long bar, ready to serve your coffee with and a selection of their quality pastries. Behind transparent perspex, visible to all, you'll find the large roasting machine which is responsible for all of their in-house roasted beans on offer. They stock a full selection of their own roasted coffee beans and prepare them in a variety of brewing methods to drink inside. Beyond coffee and pastries, they also serve gourmet food from their kitchen as well as cocktails.

Cafezal Coffee Hub is located in the vibrant, trendy Milanese food quarter area of the city, no far from Piazza Cinque Giornate.

Cafezal Coffee Hub cafe and roastery specialty in Milan, Italy
Updated 22 June, 2022

In-store brew methods

  • Espresso?The iconic Italian espresso method uses a machine to force near-boiling water at high pressure through finely ground coffee and a portafilter.
    Espresso brewed coffee produces concentrated, rich flavours with crema on top.
  • Pour-over?The pour-over method uses a cone-shaped dripper with a paper filter. Near-boiling water is poured over medium-coarse ground coffee and passes through the paper filter. Different thicknesses of filter paper removes the coffee oils.
    Pour-over brewed coffee produces a cleaner taste with less bitterness.
  • AeroPress?The AeroPress device functions like a syringe. Medium-coarse ground coffee is steeped in near-boiling water for a short period before the water is manually plunged through the coffee grounds and a thin paper filter.
    AeroPress brewed coffee produces a smooth and clean flavour.
  • Cold brew?The cold brew method involves steeping coarse-ground coffee in cool water for 12-hours or more. The brewed coffee is filtered and water is added before serving.
    Cold brewed coffee produces a flavour with less bitterness and acidity.
  • Turkish coffee?Turkish coffee uses extremely fine-ground coffee heated with water in a vessel called a ibrik or cezve. The coffee is boiled several times before being served without filtering.
    Turkish coffee produces a very thick, bold flavour with coffee sediment in the cup.


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  • Indoor seating

Cafezal Coffee Hub in Milan

Cafezal Coffee Hub located in Milan, Italy

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