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Specialty coffee in Milan: best coffee, cafes and roasters

Milan has an active specialty coffee scene with several specialty cafes and coffee roasters in the city. As Italy's capital of fashion and its most cosmopolitan city, Milan is open to new trends and ideas such as third wave coffee. Around the centre, you will usually find yourself within walking distance of a specialty coffee cafe, which you can drink while watching the trams and luxury cars pass by.

Milan specialty coffee city in Italy
Updated 21 January, 2023
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Orsonero Coffee

Cafe in Milan Orsonero Coffee specialty coffee cafe in Milan, Italy

Orsonero Coffee is a specialty coffee cafe in Milan opened by Brent Jopson, a Vancouver import to the fashionable city. With a balance of modern and traditional, Orsonero Coffee has a minimalist, light, wooden interior design which Brent took inspiration from during his time abroad. It respects the…

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Lot Zero

Roaster in Milan Lot Zero specialty coffee roaster in Milan, Italy

Lot Zero is a specialty coffee micro roastery located in Milan, founded by Chiara Bergonzi in conjunction with the entrepreneurial all-female team from Sevengrams. Chiara Bergonzi is the three-time Italian Latte Art Champion and runner-up in the 2014 World Latte Art Championships. After years of…

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Cafezal Coffee Hub

Cafe in Milan Cafezal Coffee Hub cafe and roastery specialty in Milan, Italy

Cafezal Coffee Hub is a specialty coffee cafe and roastery located just to the east of the city center. Opening in the middle of 2022, it is the second cafe-roastery from Carlos Bitencourt, the other being Cafezal located north of center, nearer the main train station. With large, open spaces and…

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Loste Café

Cafe in Milan Loste Café specialty coffee cafe in Milan, Italy

Loste Café is a specialty coffee cafe in Milan. Born in Italy, and with over a decade of experience aboard in highly acclaimed restaurants, Lorenzo Cioli and Stefano Ferraro met while working at Noma in Sydney before opening Loste Café in 2021. They see their new project as the modern evolution of…

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Nowhere Coffee & Community

Cafe in Milan Nowhere Coffee & Community specialty coffee cafe in Milan, Italy

Nowhere Coffee & Community is a specialty coffee cafe just a few minutes walk from the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio near the centre of Milan. This self-styled "Future coffee shop" is a unique alternative cafe which not only sells specialty coffee but also vinyl, books, magazines and a selection of…

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Il Cafetero

Cafe in Milan Il Cafetero specialty coffee cafe in Milan, Italy

Il Cafetero is a specialty coffee cafe located outside the hustle of central Milan in a lively residential area to the west. You'll meet mostly locals at Il Cafetero, where owner Federico Maggiulli has successfully convince the traditional Italian robusta drinkers to switch to specialty coffee.…

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Bar Nicol

Cafe in Milan Bar Nicol specialty coffee cafe in Milan, Italy

Bar Nicol is a specialty coffee cafe which also has a selective list of wines and food. Drink your coffee outside on the streets of Milan and watch the trams passing by.

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Roaster & Cafe in Milan Cafezal specialty coffee roaster and cafe in Milan, Italy

Cafezal is a specialty coffee micro roastery and cafe in the center of Milan. Meaning coffee plantation in Portuguese, it is "a roastery that also has a cafe", is the way the Italian-Brazilian founder Carlos Bitencourt describes it. This was his first cafe-roastery, the newer location being…

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Coffee Studio 7Gr.

Cafe in Milan Coffee Studio 7Gr. specialty coffee cafe in Milan, Italy

Coffee Studio 7Gr. in Milan is a specialty coffee cafe and creative, social space dedicated to transforming the perception of Italian espresso to make it a memorable, sensorial experience. Within this locale you'll find a shops, a tasting area, a roastery and a specialty cafe "for espresso lovers…

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